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Opal - Pink Gem Healing Ring

Opal - Pink Gem Healing Ring

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12.55ct @ $4.00/ct

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

Pink Opal is found only in the Andes and considered a sacred gem.
We are thrilled to be able to offer this gem in rare to find "gel" qualities.

Some benefits of Pink Opal

- Pink Opal is highly protective
-  It helps create an atmosphere of harmony between people, animals and the planet
- Pink Opal works well against depression and elevates mood
- It promotes genuine love, dispels negative moods, worries and fears
- Pink Opal helps on to cultivate love of self and true self care
-It highlights ways to align with the authentic self and guides one to make choices and take direction towards actualizing the best possible "you"
-Pink Opal heals the digestive system, restores metabolism and ensures the good functioning of enzymes
- It can also helps deeply on the liver, liver function and dis-ease

The Guardian of Pink Opal explains...

Pink Opal's energy enters the body softly but this shouldn't be misunderstood that this is a soft working gem.  This gem cultivates and strengthens the expressions of love including patience, compassion and understanding.  It permeates the very fabric of the being and brings out the softness within each.

     It is a great gem to use to restore family harmony.  For parents, it opens the door to the traits needed to treat their child (ren) in equality.  It creates a new understanding of the role of a parent - that is to provide care (not control) until such time when one is able to care for one's self.  For the child (ren) it builds the inner love and peace which provides a protection from whatever outer influences or negativity is circulating.

     The family environment is not the only place that can benefit from this gem.  The world as a whole is greatly in need for a "change of heart".  This gem can initiate the change in the individual and through the loving traits developed and strengthened, change can be effected out in the world.  The clichés are true that "love cultivates love" and thoughts create one's world".  So Pink Opal begins the movement for restored harmony.

     On a physical level, Pink Opal is soothing to the skin and tissues and increases flexibility in the connective tissues (of the joints).  It eases stomach and intestinal discomforts and can be used to treat ulcers.  It initiates regeneration of the heart and lungs, restoring youthfulness of the tissues. Pink Opal inspires and promotes harmony throughout one's entire being, surroundings and the world.