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Quartz - Rose + Ruby Gem Healing Ring

Quartz - Rose + Ruby Gem Healing Ring

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7.90ct Rose Quartz
1.60ct Ruby

reopens the heart, encourages trust, brings strength and courage to feel, purifies the emotional body, encourages forgiveness, frees emotional bonds, sets the foundation for more love of self

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured


Additional info On Rose Quartz & Ruby

The following Rose Quartz rings carry a different, high frequency than typical Rose quartz. They have a stronger level of candescence and high brilliance which brings a different caliber and higher aspect of healing.

These rings offer supreme clarity and purity. The vibration emitted augments and amplifies emotional healing, producing a  profound high healing effect on the emotional body instantly raising one's frequency/vibration.  The higher your vibration is, the more in touch you are with your higher, authentic self reducing conflicts you experience including emotional issues, traumas and wounds.

A rare find and treasure for those who are looking to accelerate their progress on their own personal path of transformation and discover higher levels of emotional health and well being.

Some of the benefits of Rose Quartz...
-soothing to the emotional body
-instigates emotional healing
-allows one to rise above emotional traumas, hindrances
-eases pain related to the emotions - opens new doors
-increases love quotient
-aligns with Universality/Oneness we all share
-releases anger, frustration, resentment
-attracts love on all levels

The Guardian of Rose Quartz explains...
Rose Quartz is a harmonizer for the emotional aspect. Its energies are calming and peaceful and it facilitates that feeling throughout one's being. It lays the groundwork or foundation for one to experience love and to someday understand and practice love's true essence - unconditional love.

Love as an emotion or even a concept is simply not understood by most people on Earth. Often one is emotionally "wounded" or hurt by love but this is in fact a mis-perception. It is expectations of the other not met that create the wound or hurt. It is a choice to remain in a relationship that isn't in harmony and a wrong belief that one needs to "make it work".

Rose Quartz gently works to remove negativity and allow space for a proper understanding of love. It's consistent, calm energy that warms the heart can be used as an example to help to see and cultivate love.

On a physical level, Rose Quartz brings ease to the body. It reduces stress and anxiety, deepens the breath and relaxes the shoulders. This gem soothes the skin, restoring a youthful appearance and can be used to treat burns and blisters. Rose Quartz also has a positive effect on the heart lessening tensions and restrictions.

The time has come to release the self-created emotional bonds which hinder. Rose Quartz is the gem to start the process. It cultivates patience and understanding as it opens one to the common thread that is shared with all.
The Guardian of Ruby explains...

Ruby gives one strength and courage in times of need. This is its natural tendency since it is the carrier of the first, the Red Ray (leadership, power, strength, and courage). 
There are many ways to utilize the traits of strength and courage (to be daring, to seek power, etc.) but Ruby cultivates these traits through the way of the heart. It gives one the strength and courage to be the true essence (self) within which can only be accomplished by living life through the heart. Ruby has been and still is a symbol of love (unconditional).

In wearing (or using) Ruby one is able to experience and enhance unconditional love not only within but without. Many on Planet Earth have a limited idea of love and it is often expressed in relationships. Manipulation is used to get what one wants and often "love" is the playing piece. Ruby begins to restore the original intent of love - unconditional by clearing and cleaning the disharmonies. 

On a physical level, Ruby has a great effect since much disease and illness are related to emotional origins. Ruby targets the heart, nourishing and strengthening its function. Ruby also fortifies the blood by clearing out toxins which in turn improves one's overall physical power. It can be used to regulate blood pressure, as a preventative of heart disease and attacks or to hasten recovery of these.

Ruby is an ideal gem for those who are already or are considering being parents (caretakers). It is crucial for a child to be surrounded by a healthy (emotional) environment in order to avoid forming patterns that limit the being. If the parents (caretakers) constantly hold the state of unconditional love, the child is assured to be happy and healthy.

Ruby is not limited though to just parents. Anyone who maintains the state of unconditional love has an easier time navigating life. If everything is looked at through the eyes of love, no stress is created, no anxieties formed, no fears experienced. It sounds idealistic but that is what was originally intended. The living of life was not to be of pain and suffering. It was created to give contrast to inspire one to stay in the heart. 
Unfortunately many haven't viewed it as a contrast and have taken it on as its own. Ruby will help to correct this misconception and open the way to a newer way of living while supplying the strength and courage to do so.