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Spessartite EO+ 4.5-6.5mm 17.25inch

Spessartite EO+ 4.5-6.5mm 17.25inch

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Spessartite Therapeutic Necklace

Extraordinary Plus
16" with 14kt gold lock
116.8ct @ $6.55/ct
Actual necklace shown in photos
only one available

Spessartite is known as the Garnet of the Sun.
This gem is one  of the lesser-know and rarer varieties of Garnet.

Its energies vibrate at a high rate radiating warmth of heart and well being.
Orange based gems are limited in the world and this is one of the most beautiful.

Increases flexibility of going with the flow of life

Supports kidneys and bladder
Increases circulation
Stimulates a natural healing and restoration process in the body
Rebuilds areas that need repair
Helps to alleviate pain
 Fortifies the heart, small intestine and immune system
Beneficial to both male and female reproductive systems
Boosts fertility and sex drive
Helps one to recover more quickly from a food intolerance (wheat & dairy)
Aids with allergic problems including with seasonal allergies, asthma, bronchitis and emphysema
Great for weight loss and body building
 Restores the natural awareness of hunger and thirst

Assists to think more clearly
Stimulates imagination logic and positive analytical processes
Amplifies release of old ideas, beliefs, and patterns
Encourages freedom in discovery and exploration
Supports new beginnings
Boosts one’s confidence to meet challenges in life
Provides confidence to make needed changes
Challenges us to come alive intellectually and creatively
Awakens latent creative energies
Stress relieving

Restores cheerfulness & optimism
Promotes feelings of happiness from within
Cultivates feeling of satisfaction
Guides us to a place to feel emotionally free, peaceful and happy
Strips away inhibitions and feelings of unworthiness
Aids in bringing one close to family and friends - connecting
Reminds us to actively cultivate self-love and self-respect
Amplifies willingness to explore new ideas and new types of people
Helps to overcome communication issues
Helps one to talk about and clear oppressing and embarrassing things
Great for public speaking
Enhances one's ability to express
Prevents nightmares
Encourages one to be more impulsive, spontaneous and intuitive
Huge support in overcoming fears of all types
Helps alleviate fear of failure
Gives confidence to take new paths and change one’s life

Uplifts the subtle bodies, as well as the higher bodies
Aids in assimilating higher levels of inner growth and balance
Helps to embody a wonderful compassionate energy
Attracts abundance and prosperity
Stimulating to the auric field - releases negativity collected within fields
Transform visions into reality.
Helps those ready to move to a higher level
changes perspective to see challenges as adventures
 Increases the flow of chi energy through our bodies
 Clears away any negative energy that has become stuck
Guides wearer to a path best suiting

I am an avid Therapeutic Necklace user and have worked with quite a few.  Spessartite, however, was a game changer for me.  It helped me to restore confidence I wasn't aware I was missing while also making me feel more positive and joyful.  I now truly feel that "life is good".
- M. Kraftwood Hillsburo, OR

The Guardian of Spessartite explains...

Spessartite opens access to the causes of lack of joy in one's life. Through its energy, it is naturally uplifting and it brings forth whatever is blocking the vibration to experience joy.

In many people, the answers lie within the subconscious and are generally related to denials, fears, and frustration. Spessartite creates a soft warming atmosphere to go explore and get to the root of the issue(s). It does not pull one in but invites one creating a comfort zone to delve at one's own pace.     

Spessartite's energy is energizing and nourishing at the same time. It awakens one's inner spirit providing "juice for the fire". It promotes a good feeling within the midbody by surrounding the organs and glands with its energy. 

Spessartite's energy works similarly in the emotional field bringing positive energy and nourishment. This starts to work on the emotional fabric of the field.  On a physical level, Spessartite's effects can be felt with an increase in the ease of movement. Stiffness throughout the body is removed especially in the lower back area. This gem can be used to help with arthritis.     

Spessartite is a gem that can be used when one realizes that something needs to change but an easy approach is desired. It initiates movement towards the increased connection to the inner self without force. It offers an introduction to how one can affect the state of being and shows the path of how to begin to change towards a more joyous way. 


How to keep your necklace clean
Our preferred method of cleansing for the necklaces is using the Purple Positive Energy Plate. This plate not only cleanses but enlivens the gems to their optimal functioning.

More importantly - it is easy. You place the gems on the plate overnight and you have a newly energized necklace - ready to bring the utmost benefit to you. There is no concern of which gem can tolerate sunlight, which one can be in the water and which one can survive salt. All gems can be placed on the plate and be cleansed.

We offer Purple positive Energy Plates in two sizes - 
small 4.5" x 2.75" 
large 12" x 12" 
We also offer a cleaning kit which includes a small purple plate and a cleaning brush.