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Spinel - Purple (Lavender) EO+ 3.5-4mm 18inch
Spinel - Purple (Lavender) EO+ 3.5-4mm 18inch

Spinel - Purple (Lavender) EO+ 3.5-4mm 18inch

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Purple (Lavender) Spinel Therapeutic Necklace 

This specific necklace is referred to as the Lavender hue.  It's specific benefits are soul star chakra enhancer/activator and an all chakra harmonizer in addition to the benefits listed below.

Extraordinary Plus
18 inch with 14kt gold lock
58.5ct @ $12.00/ct
Actual necklace shown in photos
only one available


Purple Spinel is one of the uncommon colors of Spinel and is considered highly collectable and rare.  It is also known as Almandine Spinel.

The Purple of Purple Spinel is caused by a mix of iron and trace elements such as chromium and zinc.  This gem can display a range of purple shades from a soft lavender to purple to a rich violet.  We are happy to be able to offer one of each color shade.


Some of the benefit highlights of Purple Spinel


promotes good bone health
fortifies the immune system
aids in detoxification
strengthens nervous system
helps overcome nervous system issues
aids in stroke recovery
relieves headaches
can be used for migraine prevention

memory amplifier
focus enhancer
brings clarity
expands perceptions and understanding
halts negative self talk
reduces stress

cultivates patience
alleviates anxiety
removes blockages
promotes tranquility
helps to release trauma

activates crown chakra
increases spiritual insight
enhances intuition
brings spiritual strength & stability
enhances self realization

highly transformative tool


The Guardian of Purple Spinel explains...     
Purple Spinel works its "magic" on the crown chakra which serves as the entrance and exit of energies through the chakra column.
In general, the more open one's crown chakra is, the more one is able to receive vibrations/frequencies which enhance one's being overall.
Everyone possesses the drive to expand, evolve and transform. Some manifest this through actions that still maintain their current vibration and just keep them busy. Others use this drive consciously to raise their vibration and expand the being discovering what is meant by limitless potential. Purple Spinel supports the latter, directly drawing in more of the energies to "better" one's current state.     
Purple Spinel also works well to send energies out.
In other words, it helps one to easily travel to other frequencies or even planes of existence to discover and learn (astral travel). The greatest benefit Purple Spinel gives in relation to this is that it helps the mind to vividly recall the information gained along with the sights and sounds. This affects great change in one's perspective about one's self, the world, and the universe.     
Purple Spinel has an affinity to a race which is referred to as the Arcturians.
Often astral travelers encounter these beings and when they recall the experience a commonality is easily seen and fears of the unknown, other life forms, etc. is seen for what it is - unnecessary.
One of the biggest misconceptions about other life forms is the idea that their motivations must be similar, which is generally self-centered. As one progresses further, it is easier to see and understand the unifying force which exists in the world and the desire to support this force.
Astral travel than not only provides information which can benefit but also can change perceptions for the better and in more alignment with the inner.     
Purple Spinel, on a physical level, has a powerful effect on the nervous system.  It facilitates the increase of brain capacities and stimulates better flow throughout. Many notice an increase in sensitivity through using this gem and a heightening of the senses.     
Overall Purple Spinel promotes oneness with all life which extends to daily life, the world, and even the universe.

How to keep your necklace clean
Our preferred method of cleansing for the necklaces is using the Purple Positive Energy Plate. This plate not only cleanses but enlivens the gems to their optimal functioning.

More importantly - it is easy. You place the gems on the plate overnight and you have a newly energized necklace - ready to bring the utmost benefit to you. There is no concern of which gem can tolerate sunlight, which one can be in the water and which one can survive salt. All gems can be placed on the plate and be cleansed.

We offer Purple positive Energy Plates in two sizes - 
small 4.5" x 2.75" 
large 12" x 12" 
We also offer a cleaning kit which includes a small purple plate and a cleaning brush.