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Sunstone - Oregon Gem Healing Ring

Sunstone - Oregon Gem Healing Ring

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Extraordinary plus plus 
oval 4x5.7mm-6.3x9mm
13.15ct @ $7.00/ct

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

Oregon Sunstone is found in only one place in the world - in the southeast corner of the Oregon Outback, USA and as such, has been named as the state gem of Oregon. This Sunstone is formed within molten lava, and carried up to the surface by the volcano. Once there it is gradually worn or dug away to reveal the Sunstone inside the basalt rock. Although it is not widely known in the modern day gem market yet, it has been prized by native Americans for centuries.

Oregon Sunstone exhibit a glow from within due to millions of microscopic copper platelets, known as schiller. It is the only Sunstone that has copper in it - other traditional Sunstone flashes are caused by mica.  The colors of the Oregon Sunstone vary from clear, champagne, yellow, light pink, salmon, orange, and red to blue-green.

The rare and most valuable stones have dichroic or trichroic properties that mean the colors or color depth are changed when observed from different directions. Also, some of the rarest Sunstone resemble Alexandrite properties. Those specimens change colors dependently on the nature of the light. They look different in daylight than in incandescent light

The necklaces we offer have a beautiful schiller, have dichroic or trichroic properties plus resemble alexandrite as they will turn a bright pink when exposed to UV light.  I have taken pictures under a UV flashlight to show this feature - see last picture.

We are happy to be able to offer another rare gem with such high therapeutic qualities.

The Guardian of Oregon Sunstone explains...
    Oregon Sunstone is a higher frequency than the traditional Sunstone variety.  This frequency helps the wearer/user to b more open and receptive to the new while supporting the release of the old.  This is extremely important for the time humanity is in as we need to forge new ways of being - not only in the world, in our communities but within ourselves and all our perspectives/beliefs.

     Oregon Sunstone harmonizes all the bodies and systems allowing us to fully embrace Oneness - that we simply radiate it out to the world.  We are all connected - whether we like it or not - and this gem helps to see and honor that connected-ness in many ways.

     Oregon Sunstone restores flow on many different levels within the being,  It removes resistance restoring open-ness.  It removes hindrances restoring authenticity.  It removes blockages restoring freedoms.  On the physical this restoration is experienced as increased well being and feel good energy.  On the emotional one feels guided, centered and mellow.  On the mental one experiences clarity and fortitude.  One the spiritual one feels oneself - authentic, real and radiant.

     Oregon Sunstone resets one to their original Divine Blueprint or purpose - diminishing imprints and influences that life has brought about.  It initiates self healing - giving insights, showing new perspectives and anchoring the true nature of our being.  It allows for judgments to be stopped - removing the hold of the “judge” we all possess and reinstates the connection of the heart and heart-centered-ness.

     Oregon Sunstone is a particularly potent tool for those who have lost their way, question the purpose of life, are deeply effected by current events or simply are not happy on the planet.  It brings the energy of our true nature, the feeling of “home” and belonging - opening the doors for a new relationship with life.

     Oregon Sunstone also provides great support to the physical vehicle through the strong aligning and healing of the electrical and nervous systems.  It promotes high organ health supporting the optimal functioning of every organ.  Areas of the body which might need more focus will be highlighted as this gem amplifies the body “voice’.  High levels of health can be obtained utilizing the info accessed while partnering with Oregon Sunstone’s energies.