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Tsavorite EO+ 3-4.5mm 18.5inch 45.8ct

Tsavorite EO+ 3-4.5mm 18.5inch 45.8ct

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Tsavorite Therapeutic Necklace 

Extraordinary Plus
18.5" with 14kt gold lock
45.8ct @ $12.00/ct
Actual necklace shown in photos
only one available

Tsavorite is found in pale to emerald green
Tsavorite is extremely rare, even more so than emeralds.
Due to it’s current rarity along with the fact it looks like an emerald but cannot be synthetically duplicated,  it is likely that it will remain a collector’s gem for the foreseeable future.

Some of the benefits of Tsavorite
- Tsavorite helps to regenerate and stimulate cellular functioning.
- It is highly restorative and helps to increase energy.
-Tsavorite is great for issues of swelling and inflammation and is good for arthritis and rheumatism.
-Many find it especially helpful for disorders of the kidneys, heart, lungs, liver and pancreas along with aiding fertility and any sexual dysfunction.
-Tsavorite can help balance the senses and brings strength in the difficult times of life and in the face of any challenges.
-It is great for bringing things out in the open or to the surface so
resolution can be reached quickly and with ease.
-Tsavorite brings a positive energy and attracts prosperity and abundance.

The Guardian of Tsavorite explains...
Tsavorite is a high frequency gem containing healing energies that function a bit differently than other gem energies.  To enhance the full effect of this gem's healing powers, its energies bond together to create a solid appearing covering.  Depending on one's physical condition, the energy will encase different areas (organs) of one's being to allow the healing energies to be undisturbed - speeding the healing time.

    An example of this has been asked for by Paula: If one has a heart condition, Tsavorite's energies would surround the heart and bond. The heart would appear as if it has been placed into its own green surrounding/chamber.  Within this surrounding, Tsavorite's energies can fully penetrate the heart offering a high frequency healing undisturbed by anything else. This ensures added protection to the heart during its healing process.

    In the same manner Tsavorite surrounds one's entire physical system/body to integrate higher frequencies. "Encased" that way, one is more easily able to explore other dimensions.   The green "bubble" creates a safe haven for the physical to reside and it (the physical) offers little to no resistance to the experience. (This process is often referred to as astral travel) Tsavorite's energies work strongly on the skeletal system.  Not only does it fortify the bones by enhancing one's ability to absorb/store nutrients, but it increases the flexibility of the joints (and ligaments).  Therefore Tsavorite can be used for one who has, for example, arthritis and other joint issues. It is also a great choice for bone or ligament injuries (such as breaks or tears) to enhance the healing process.

    Tsavorite further focuses its energies on the life force contained within one's bones, the bone marrow. (Bone marrow creates both red and white blood cells.)  This fortifying of one's bone marrow strengthens one's overall immune system.  Tsavorite can be used to support the one who has low blood cell count of either red or white due to disease.

    Tsavorite is a gem that evolves with the wearer (or user).  It has an abundance of healing energy and can work on several areas at once.  Once the physical has reached a higher level of health the energies can take one's being to even higher heights of transformation of other aspects.  This gem's energies support the integration of the higher aspects allowing great ease in the evolution process.  

A great tool for those known as Lightworkers.

How to keep your necklace clean
Our preferred method of cleansing for the necklaces is using the Purple Positive Energy Plate. This plate not only cleanses but enlivens the gems to their optimal functioning.

More importantly - it is easy. You place the gems on the plate overnight and you have a newly energized necklace - ready to bring the utmost benefit to you. There is no concern of which gem can tolerate sunlight, which one can be in the water and which one can survive salt. All gems can be placed on the plate and be cleansed.

We offer Purple positive Energy Plates in two sizes -
small 4.5" x 2.75"
large 12" x 12"
We also offer a cleaning kit which includes a small purple plate and a cleaning brush.